Company Introduction

GoogooChina Holding Ltd. is an internationally recognized provider of furniture, fixture and equipment (FF&E) procurement services that act as a world class professional sourcing agents, buying consultant, buyer’s representative and hotel FF&E purchasing consultant. Founded by Mr. Kien Wong who has 18 years of experience in sourcing and importing furniture, fixture and equipment, home furnishing & accessories from China and others countries. In year 1999 & 2000, he has won 6 awards on best display & furniture design category in The MAFEX Furniture Show in Malaysia. With his professional commitment and intensive experience in China market, he has provided an excellent service and highly satisfactory procurement solution to clients from worldwide. Our clients includes retailer, wholesaler, restaurants, hotelier, interior designer, architects, property’s developer & project contractors from Australia, Bangalore, Bahrain, Ireland, India, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Canada, South America, Germany, France, Kosova, Indonesia, New Zealand, the Philippines, the United Kingdom and the United State of America. We specialize in residential, hotel and commercial furniture, lighting, hotel supplies, sanitary ware, building material, curtain, textiles sourcing and others.

We offers a comprehensive, integrated and full spectrum of professional procurement services to our client in an efficient, quality, transparent, and ethical way. We have the resources and expertise to simplify your sourcing and procurement process.

A tailored approach to procurement is a key ingredient in Googoo China customer relationships. We routinely optimize a customer procurement process as we cater to their specific needs. We believe in long-term partnerships and are committed to total customer satisfaction.

Why sourcing, buying or importing from China?  

If you wanted to compete with others and complete your project at a minimum cost (bigger profit margin)

If you want to design and build your property with 5 star quality products at 2 star price. 

         If you want to make more profit and increased competitive advantage or joint venture with manufacturer without big investment.
If you want to develop yours product or create your own brands with high quality material at low cost & reasonable quantity.

Lower skill labor costs & lower material costs = high quality products at lower product costs.

According to a Boston Consulting Group (BCG) outsourcing report, the average hourly pay (including benefits) of production workers in China is $0.80 versus $21.86 in the United States; given the same equipment, American workers need to be 25 times more productive than their Chinese counterparts to remain competitive. Furthermore, if PRC government reforms on labor mobility succeed, huge labor surpluses in the rural areas and underemployed workers at state-owned enterprises waiting in the wings may keep manufacturing wages competitive for some time.


Your Worries / Challenges:

No China experience and expertise

Lack of market information and knowledge of China   market or choosing the

wrong suppliers/ partners

Language barrier, culture, legal systems, and time difference

Some China manufacturer required big quantity purchase

Differences in Business Practices and Expectations

Lack of communication with supplies

Quality assurance and schedule stability

Logistics distance

Traveling distance


How GoogooChina can help you?

With intensive experience in China market, Googoo China helps our clients remove these barriers; overcome obstacles and turn opportunities into reality.

To setup a physical presence in China involves high costs, manpower and risks, Googoo China offer you an effective, efficient, quality and low cost solution. We provide you an effective and value added services at a very reasonable fee or commission structure that based on performance. Our goal is to function as your overseas sourcing department of your company. We act as buyersrepresentative or agent that allows for a transparent purchasing process, whereby we will take clients to an open wholesale market or factory and discounted vendor pricing passes directly to you. Extensive, vendor databases ensures options for the best price, quality, and design possible.

With our experience dealing with many international clients and participation in international furniture and home furnishing exhibition around the world; we understand the needs and expectations of Western and European companies like yours. And can easily transfer these requirements to your supplier to ensure your objectives are met.

We save the client money without compromising project schedule and design. Our efficient supply chain management operation and strong communication between all parties allows clients from small business to fortune 500 companies to reduce costs by up-to 80% on their current purchasing cost while maintaining high quality product with on-time delivery. Our team of qualified Quality Control Inspectors inspects the goods during production and before shipment. We have a customized Inspection Program to meet the requirements of all our clients.

Our service includes:

Clarifying and analyzing your sourcing needs

Identifying target suppliers

Project budgeting / bidding preparation

Getting quotes

Conducting supplier audit

Offers a fully-escorted well planned 7 days buying programme

Translator and interpreter service

Effective Communication

nbsp;Negotiating contracts

Model Room Procurement Services

Mixed container (small quantity) purchase

Effective supplier management

Monitor Schedule and Quality

Inspection during production and before shipment

Container consolidation


Arranging customs, payments, transportation and etc.

Shipping freight & logistic arrangement

Tracking shipments

Customer support and services

Confidentiality of clients information & projects. 

The confidentiality of information received in any project or contract should be respected and should never be used for personal gain without clients knowledge includes their personal information, bidding prices, and others. Information given in the course of work should be true and fair and never designed to mislead.

Why choosing GoogooChina as your representative or your service provider?

If you’re looking for professional, reliable, responsible & efficient China buying agents, China buying consultant, China sourcing agents, Hotel purchasing agents or hotel furniture,fixture and equipment purchasing agents, Chinese representative that represent your company to handle all the purchasing / procurement process, a low cost oversea buying office based in China, or wanted to join China buying trips / tour.

GoogooChina Holding Ltd is
your best choice, one stop professional procurement / purchasing service provider that delivers cost-effective strategic, simplify the procurement process and enable you to achieve your sourcing objectives.

  • Reduced time in finding the right suppliers
  • Direct access to Chinese manufacturers
  • Better prices
  • Reduced risks in quality and schedule
  • Reduced purchasing costs
  • Better communications with Chinese suppliers

Can you trust GoogooChina?

We have foreign clients who can provide references to you. We make our every effort to gain our client’s trust.

What you should know when choosing your agent in China !

Some agent might give you free service or charge you less but please be aware that everyone would like to make some money in business. If someone charge you less does it mean that they don’t want to make money? This usually happened at the Hotel lobby or walking on the street when some one approach you to be your agent and offer you with very low service charge. Please be aware with all these people as usually they are just a group of hit and run agent. These people don’t have a proper registered company with company bank account and usually will ask you to t/t money to their personal account. this stand a high chance that the person will run away with your money and get disappear in action.